City Council Liaison Committee Overview & Mission

WTPA takes an active role engaging with city council
in order to enact positive change in our community
  • WTPA will attend regular Allen City Council meetings and top Allen City Boards and Committee. 


  • We will proactively engage and become more familiar with the Allen City Council upcoming proposals, issues, budgets, and outcomes.


  • We will be a visible and positively contributing group, not only providing communication around impactful information to the WTPA Board and members at large, but also to help hold Council accountable for decisions.

allen city council charter - november, 2nd 2021 election RESULTS
9/14/21 City Council Meeting

 FY21-22 Budget Passed

TRIPLE D FOR THE WIN! The FY21-22 Budget passed unanimously on 9/14.


Daren Meis Allen City Council Place 1, Dave Cornette City Council Place 3, Dave Shafer City Council Place 5.


Thank you to all of our WTPA members who spoke, attended, and wrote in both last night and on August 24th. Your consistent, conservative voice is a force in Allen!


And a HUGE shoutout to Triple D for standing behind their commitment and due diligence to Allen - they all spoke eloquently and with conviction. WTPA is so proud of your collective efforts!

Article: Citizens Win: Allen Rolls Back Spending, Taxes by Erin Anderson for Texas Scorecard

"Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people, who have a right...and a desire to know." - John adams 1765